Alina Chen


Mixing things up is a good way for me to learn! As a science major student, I got my bachelor degree in linguistics (Russian) in China, then arrived in Australia and studied towards a Master of Professional Accounting. I have worked in sales, as a teller and accountant before joining Gunderson Briggs in October 2017. This is a brilliant and supportive family; most importantly, here we have humour!

Energetic is the best word for me. I enjoy traveling, because that's the way to try the amazing dishes all over the world. I also like snorkelling down at Gordons Bay and Jervis Bay. Otherwise, I will stay at home play PS4, or go to the movies and work on my singing at karaoke.

I have started the CA Program under the support and guidance of the Firm and I am looking forward to becoming a chartered accountant in the near future.