Isabella Cahill


Swimming, water polo, netball, softball, soccer, athletics, oz tag; you name it! If it’s a sport, I’ve probably played it! An avid sports lover for as long as I can remember, so too evolved my everlasting competitive nature. Competing at state and national level swimming in my early teens, I learnt the value of hard work and sacrifice in pursuit of success. A water baby at heart I love the outdoors, keeping active, travelling and spending quality time with friends and family.

I am undertaking a combined Bachelors of Business and Law (majoring in Accounting) at University of Technology Sydney. A key milestone in my career, I joined Gunderson Briggs CA in July 2017 eager to learn and gain experience from seasoned professionals within the industry (and the occasional banter with Ken here and there). GB certainly doesn’t disappoint. I never thought I would land in a firm that manages to balance work, studies and fun so effortlessly. Perfectly complementing my university studies, Gunderson Briggs is a phenomenal and professional team that never fails to challenge me.