Theodore Lillicrap

Company Secretary

Having completed a degree in Political Economy, I was then drawn to accounting by an unshakeable curiosity in the numbers that really make the world “go ‘round”. I’ve been working at Gunderson-Briggs since August of 2018, while studying accounting at The University of Sydney. I particularly like the diligent, quiet, and mutually supportive environment here!

I emigrated from England in the year 2000 and now consider myself rather Australian, enjoying nothing more than a good long walk in the Blue Mountains, where the pastel greens, browns, and blues are cut with shining gold, before fading away into the hazy horizon. Marvelous. Other, more day to day, activities I enjoy include blasting a trumpet, singing in a choir, and barefoot running on the bush tracks around Middle Harbour, which I believe is good for my soul.