Realising Your Success 

As you develop your skills and grow performance levels, your current and future financial potential is growing significantly - this presents a great opportunity to empower your future.

So how do you empower your future?

  • Get excellent financial advice from experts

  • Understand what you need and build your skills, brand and network

  • Implement a plan that finances your professional career and builds your wealth

We understand you want to make a difference in whatever your sporting field may be, the difference we can make right now is to empower your future so that you are financially secure, long after you have ‘hung up the boots’.

We specialise in providing guidance advice to professional sports people and administrators.

We help current and future sporting professionals through a range of skills and services, including:

  • Strategic thinking and financial advice for the best results overtime

  • Dedicated financial resources to manage your affairs and realise your financial success, while you successfully fulfil your potential

  • Long and short term goal-setting, mentoring and the pursuit of financial stability and growth through the various stages of your playing and administrative career

  • Estate and succession advice, where applicable

  • Tax planning with accounting and compliance to finish it off

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We Realise Success

When it comes to your financial affairs, we’ll provide imaginative solutions. Imagination leads to creativity; creativity leads to learning.

Gunderson Briggs provides results and continuity. We think first, and worry about the box later.

The important thing is to measure the right things right, be it tax payable, cash flow, return on investments, economic value add, capital required or just love and understanding.

The Way It Works

We spend time understanding your sporting aspirations, goals and opportunities.

We think creatively about your short and longer term needs to develop and finance your opportunities.

That leads to a plan which we then implement. We keep building that plan and achieve results to realise your success.

A Key Issue

“A key issue in professional sport is the window period for generating income is shorter than other activities. An early focus on growing your wealth as you build your professional career can help to achieve great financial results.”
— Ken Gunderson-Briggs