Lucy Urquart

Lucy is Gunderson Briggs' resident artist, who has been hanging her incredible work in our offices since 2015. Lucy has studied a Bachelor of Design in Architecture at Sydney University and a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at the National Art School which has formed the basis for many of her works. A strong blend of geometric shapes, lines and structures often intertwined with a more organic, fluid material, showing both sides of her artistic education.

Lucy has been the recipient of several awards throughout her years as an artist, such as:

  • Prize for ‘Best Film Concept’ in Digital Image Design and Representation, University of Sydney

  • Noel Chettel Memorial Art Prize for Painting, University of Sydney

  • Sydney Canvas Company Prize for Painting, National Art School

  • Art History and Theory Staff Award, National Art School.

  • Clyde and Co. Community Art Award, Highly Commended.

  • Finalist for the Brett Whiteley Travelling Scholarship.

  • William Fletcher Foundation Residency, Highly Commended

ONE BRIGHT AFTERNOON, A MOMENT OF HARMONY , 2015   acrylic on canvas, 152cm × 304cm,

ONE BRIGHT AFTERNOON, A MOMENT OF HARMONY, 2015 acrylic on canvas, 152cm × 304cm,

All painting seen in the banner photos of our website are Lucy’s work.


For more work by Lucy, click here.

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