We are from a large firm background, working in a smaller firm environment.

We have Board experience from public companies to large charities, school councils and sporting committees. We have travelled and dealt with business around the world. We get involved.

We make it our business to know about our clients’ affairs and issues. As a result, our clients tell us stuff they may not share with anyone else*.

A revelation in traditional public practice

Gunderson Briggs won't just 'take on' anyone. Business owners and investors require a specialist relationship and only become a Gunderson Briggs client, if we can really do something positive. Almost 'anyone' can do accounting and tax returns - we use these basics as a starting point to achieve a desired result for you, your family and your business, through innovative thinking, continual refinement, regular planning and measuring the right things right.

Once we get to know you, we’re here for you over the long term. We'll talk to you straight, tell you how it is and what to expect in your future. It is the inherent strength of this method that will drive the best results for you.

We're fun, energetic and enjoy delivering results for our clients and friends.

*Sometimes this can include bad jokes.

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