When it comes to your financial affairs, we’ll provide imaginative solutions. Imagination leads to creativity; creativity leads to learning. 

Gunderson Briggs provides results and continuity. We think first, and worry about the box later. The important thing is to measure the right things right, be it tax payable, cash flow, return on investments, economic value add, capital required or just love and understanding.

What we do

We are a team of Chartered Accountants achieving results in...

  • Tax planning with accounting and compliance to finish it off

  • Estate and succession advice, remembering the importance of long term planning

  • Family and business owner advice and the keys to love, life and business together, maybe in a family office

  • Goal-setting and business mentoring be it day to day thinking about the enterprise or the strategy and how it is to be implemented*

    … Overlaid with a structure that works for you.

We can also provide direction with:

  • Audit and Due Diligence

  • Corporate finance and valuations

  • Tax advice including international settings

Our staff have been selected for their smarts – they’re clever and creative, bright, gifted, sharp, quick and able. (We hope you find Gunderson Briggs partners the same!)

*And in summer, we provide the latest cricket & soccer scores; in winter the latest football scores (Go the Tahs, Go the Wallabies, Go the Diamonds, Go the Matildas, Go the Opals, Go Australian Cricket, Go Liverpool FC).

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