Belinda Neilson

Executive Assistant

No pain, no gain! I enjoy running and going to the gym, not just to keep fit and healthy but for the social aspect. I have completed 2 marathons & am holding my finisher medal from my first marathon. Hopefully there may be a few more of these to come!

I started my career as an office junior in a law firm, moving on to ASIC before travelling to London for an 18 month stint (not just of the bars!). I came back and worked in the finance department of a global investment bank for 5 years, before joining Gunderson Briggs Chartered Accountants.

I am currently working 2 days a week at Gunderson Briggs, with the remainder of my time being spent with my beautiful and very active baby boy.  It is great to be back in the office and to be able to work with such a motivated, friendly & fun team. Ken’s daily jokes & sense of humour (which admittedly I might not always understand) were very much missed whilst I was on leave.