One of the first things you’ll find with Gunderson Briggs is that we are a Chartered Accounting firm, with Colour!

So if you’re looking for a slow-moving, staid international practice with marble halls and marbled thoughts, you've come to the wrong place.

We specialise in providing guidance advice to Australian-based Businesses and their Owners.

Our clients are selective, smart and resoundingly successful. They include high net worth individual, family operators and private businesses operating in or from Australia. The long-term business relationships that Gunderson Briggs maintains, demonstrate our unparalleled experience and the quality of advice we supply over time.

We are grateful to our clients for providing the quotes you see throughout this site. They paint an accurate picture of who we are and what makes Gunderson Briggs different. In fact, they say more about us than we ever could.

It has been written that there is "one last hope for life on earth: accountants."

We accountants can do it by...

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