Rudy Junaidy


For me it has always been the year of living dangerously.

I grew up in Medan, a city in the Sumatra island in Indonesia. Surfers enthusiasts may have heard of the name of the city as they often use it as a hub before they travel to more exotic places for their surfing adventure. My home city is also famous for foodies especially the street-food kind.

After a stint working for a listed company in Jakarta, I came to Australia to pursue post-graduate studies and had a marvellous opportunity to meet with senior officials from Commonwealth Department of Finance at a private award ceremony held at their office in Canberra.

Touched by the generosity and warmth of Australians, the beautiful cities and beaches, I decided to live here. My second year of living dangerously.

I must admit though, to this day, I am 100% foodie and zilch surfer.

I started my career at a taxation firm in the Sydney suburbs and stayed there for over a decade. I also completed my CPA during this time.

Feeling a need for change in what became another year of living dangerously (without Mel Gibson but with my wife), I decided to venture out, a bit like I did when I moved on from Indonesian film industry. Of all the interview opportunities, Ken and his team were the best looking, and so impressed me the most, and here I am fitting right in as another “good-looking” bloke.

I enjoy travelling and good food and of course, film. Recently, I also discovered that I enjoy good wines and port. In my spare time, I like to go to karaoke and music concerts…. call me the Michael Buble from Medan!